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The Coup

The Coup is a political hip-hop group based in Oakland, California. It formed as a three-member group in 1992 with emcees Raymond "Boots" Riley and E-Roc along with DJ Pam the Funkstress. E-Roc left on amicable terms after the group's second album but appears on the track "Breathing Apparatus" on The Coup's third album, Steal This Album. The group is now a duo.


Part of the sub-genre of political hip hop, the Coup is politically Marxist in its music and aligns itself with other radical hip-hop groups such as Dead Prez. The group's music is characterized by electronic sounds and bass-driven backbeats overlaid by humorous, cynical and sometimes violent lyrics criticizing capitalism, American politics, patriarchal exploitation, and police brutality, among other things.


Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy - Fresh from recording with the Shipibo shamans in the jungles of Peru, Heavyweight Dub Champion returns to the Bay Area for a very special show featuring Resurrector at the controls. With support from co-conspirators Totter Todd, Noah King, Sasha Rose, Dakini Star, Aima The Dreamer and DJ Delphi (Goddess Alchemy), HDC will be pushing out the next phase in their mission to prepare the world for the coming of The Last Champion. Firmly rooted in hip hop, dancehall, electronica and dub, and performing live on more than 50 channels of vintage analog and digital gear, HDC transcends space and time with a multidimensional arsenal of deep revolutionary audio. The Liberation Process is in Full Effect!

"Heavyweight Dub Champion restores all hope."

"A shamanistic wall of hip-hop dubtronica that aims to topple the foundations of modern-day Babylon."
– Westword Magazine


MC Yogi grew up painting graffiti & listening to hip hop. Inspired by artists like The Beastie Boys & Run DMC, he began writing raps & freestyling for friends at house parties. Spending most of high school in a group home for at-risk youth, hip hop culture provided both a soundtrack & a creative outlet. Then at age eighteen, he discovered yoga. A full time yoga teacher & performing artist MC Yogi combines his knowledge of yoga with his love for hip hop music creating an exciting new sound that brings the wisdom of yoga to a whole new generation of modern mystics, truth seekers, and urban yogis.


Amanda Giacomini, is the wife, creative partner, VJ, and organizing Shakti of MC Yogi. A talented artist and yogini, she travels and performs with MC Yogi internationally leading workshops that combine yoga with myths, mantras, music and art. Amanda is also the co-founder of Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes, CA, and has illustrated an award winning series of children's books about their dog Mo, called Mo's Nose.

Robin Livingston is the musical mastermind that helped to co-create the sounds of Elephant Power. A full time producer and multi-instrumentalist Livingston tours internationally with MC Yogi together (Bhakti Brothers) sharing their unique brand of conscious world music. After traveling to India, and touring throughout the U.S. with the John Lennon bus (teaching youth the art of creating and producing their own tracks, to help foster peace and build community) Livingston is dedicated to creating music that will help to uplift and transform humanity. For more information and to check out upcoming projects & releases please visit RobinLivingston.com












They are said to be one of North America's most powerful and promising reggae acts in years. The diversity in their range of fans demonstrates their ability to move the most hard-core reggae enthusiasts as well as a wider, more universal audience, and keep them dancing from start to finish. Influenced by old school studio one style, conscious roots, dub, and cultural dance hall, the band takes what they have learned from their reggae heroes and funnels it into a unique sound all their own.


Soul Majestic achieves this authenticity with their talented combination of players featuring bass and drums, keyboard/organ, lead and rhythm guitar, three horns, percussion, melodica, and Nyahbingi drums. With charismatic vocalist Eric-I as the band's lead singer and primary songwriter, the band keeps things fresh by featuring Soul Majestic's other vocal talents as well. They incorporate a strong female presence with Oriana Sanders on leads for a handful of tunes, and a dancehall edge with percussionist Brian Jarvis stepping up as DJ. Lush harmonies from the band's two soul sisters, tight rhythm section, and energetic drum and bass vibes lend the perfect backdrop to this dynamic vocal blend. With emphasis on the music's power to convey a message, Soul Majestic's lyrics present a clear understanding of the human condition and address pertinent political issues.

They have played at several prominent reggae and world music festivals including the 2002 Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, the 2003 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the 2003 Earthdance Festival, Bob Marley Day 2004 , and most recently Reggae on the River Festival 2004. In March and April of 2004 the band recorded their much-anticipated sophomore album "Until That Day" in Jamaica at the infamous Tuff Gong Studio, run by Bob Marley's family. They had the honor of working with legendary artists/producers Sly and Robbie, as well as vocal artist Anthony B, and percussion veterans Sticky Thompson and Bongo Herman. They are planning a CD release tour for 2005 beginning with their second appearance at the 26th Annual Ragga Muffins Festival at the Long Beach Sports Arena, and continuing into the Northwest of the U.S., also look out for dates in both Hawaii and Europe. So check out the new album "Until That Day" and visit the shows page to find out where they're playing next.









Pocket Full of Rye is a cello, a guitar, and a girl (and now percussion!) who play acoustic, gypsy-folk, 50′s love song-influenced melodies about happy people in sad situations. They cover the Misfits sometimes too.
Sounds like: Brandi Carlile singing Danzig, Beach House on anti-depressants and/or a less-stoned version of Jolie Holland singing the blues.



Sound visionary Alex Theory draws upon extensive training in psychology, integrative medicine, and psychoacoustic music production to innovate new styles of music and media.


Part of the fresh scene of artists who push the musical envelope while simultaneously promoting a socially conscious lifestyle, he has done shows with Damien Marley, The Roots, Eryka Badhu, Elton John, India Arie, Ani DiFranco, STS9, Mickey Hart, Particle, DJ Logic, The Flaming Lips, String Cheese Incident, Stanley Jordan, Sheila Chandra, and many more. He is the founder of the 2008 Global Sound Conference and the 2007 Global OM project - a historic event that used the power of sound to unify participants across the world to a synchronized frequency. His work has received airplay in film, radio, and television commercials, and has appeared on releases by Interchill, System Recordings, and Sounds True.

Alex's latest project, Discover Sound, is a non-profit foundation that merges key individuals from the Music, Film, and Television industries with pioneers in the areas of Wellness, Sound Healing, and Integrative Medicine to expand the horizons of health and media on our planet.


Dov is one of San Francisco's continual boundary pushers in electronic music having produced music, party nights and distributing music from the vibrant Bay Area music scene since 1996. Founding his own imprint, Muti Music in 2002 and since then making a distinctive mark on the west coast sound.


Dov has headlined and featured alongside many luminaries of dance culture and has proven to be able to adapt his sounds to any environment. The sounds to be expected from Dov are always elevated and emotional, whether downtempo or peak time uptempo in super-clubs, his diversity and experience have prepared him for the job.

Related production and company projects that Dov has founded / worked on include: Muti Music, Cyberset Music, Fusion Festival and monthlies, Eyephunk, "ig-nite", Radio-v, Digital Be-In, 1015 Folsom, Subalicious, Shattered, Music without Borders and multiple 'one-off' nights.


Tranforming people, thru ethno-dubstep & world beat esp. Middle East, India, & Asia that connect the mind with the body and soul!


Kosho � VJ

Kosho has been vjing in the Bay Area, Black Rock City, LA, Maui and beyond for the last 7 years. Originally a filmmaker, he was inspired by introduction of high performance personal computers and software which permit mixing of multiple layers of video in real time. Taking advantage of the availability of unlimited content on DVDs and online, he strives to create the perfect post-modern synergy between collecting, arranging, manipulating and representation. He sees video as the carnivorous medium that consumes and digests everything, turning it around and becoming the dominant reality.



Ed Rosenthal

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David Bronner

Ralph Metzner

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The Coup

Heavyweight Dub Champion

MC Yogi

Soul Majestic

Alex Theory




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