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Conference Welcome with Deep Green Director (Room A)

11:00 - 12:15 

Medical Science and Cannabis: Putting Patients First (Room A)

AMANDA REIMAN (moderator), MSW PhD, Director of Research For Berkeley Patients Group
ROBERT W. MARTIN, Ph.D, CEO Association for California Cannabis Laboratories
LARRY BEDARD, Co-author of California Medical Association paper “The Regulatory Void”
FRED GARDNER, co-founder of Project CBD and editor of O'Shaughnessy's

Cannabis has proven health benefits, but how do we help the research and provision of cannabis evolve in light of Federal restrictions on research and clinical application? 


(1) The evolution of good manufacturing practices and laboratory testing in an effort to 1) ensure that consumers have access to cannabis that is free of harmful pesticides and bacteria; and 2) improve the depth at which cannabis can be described for personal consumption (e.g. cannabinoid profile, terpines).

  1. Is there a need for laboratory regulation?
  2. Is there a need to institute good manufacturing practices?
  3. What are the implications of this more in depth information for the clinical applications of cannabis and consumer preferences for various strains?
(2) The curative and palliative roles of CBD and other cannabinoids. Does cannabis cure cancer? Moving past anecdotal evidence.
  1. Project CBD and other efforts to collect data on patient consumption via dispensaries.
  2. Cannabis folklore, evaluating the evidence.
  3. Bypassing traditional channels: how do you get this information to patients in light of barriers from the government and traditional medical profession?
(3) Given the absence of education on cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system in traditional medical training, and the inability of dispensaries to give medical advice, who can guide patients in light of the constantly evolving research on cannabinoids, disease, and wellness?
  1. Are traditional MD’s the right audience to train in this situation? Should we be utilizing and training D.O.’s N.D.’s and herbalists?
  2. How can dispensaries and MD’s work together to develop a method for integrating the provision of cannabis and traditional medical care that is symbiotic?

12:30 - 1:45

Responsible Business Models for Medical Cannabis (Room A)

TROY DAYTON (moderator), CEO Angel Investor Network
MARK GOLDFOGEL, Founder MJ Freeway (Dispensary Management Software)
JOANNA LaFORCE, Co-founder, the Farmacy (Leading Los Angeles Dispensary)
AARON SMITH, Executive Director, National Cannabis Industries Association 
JAMES ANTHONY, Medical Cannabis Attorney  

Join industry leaders in this detailed explication of what it takes to make it on the frontier of the medical cannabis industry. This information-intense session will draw from a range of perspectives and real world experience of the panelists, including best-practices, idiosyncrasies of the industry, and predictions about where this market is likely to go in the coming years.   


Protecting the Children (Room B)

MIKKI NORRIS (moderator), Publisher of West Coast Leaf, Dir. Cannabis Consumers Campaign
PAUL ARMENTANO, Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
DEBORAH SMALL, Executive Director of Break the Chains

Many of our prohibitionist drug policies are rationalized in the name of protecting the children. How's that working out? This panel takes a look at the current policies and their impact on youth and families, and the disproportionate effects on communities of color. Panelists will address cannabis and child custody/ CPS issues, what honest drug education looks like, advice on how to talk to kids about cannabis, messaging, and more.


1:45 - 2:30


2:30 - 3:30

The Legalization Equation: Charting the Path Forward (Room A)

PATRICK GOGGIN (moderator), Cannabis Reform Attorney
STEVE DeANGELO, CEO Harborside Health Center
WILLIAM PANZER, Defense Attorney. Author: Prop 215, Repeal Cannabis & Prohibition Act 2012
DAN RUSH, Special Operations Director at UFCW Local 5
DAVID M. LONG, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 

Proposition 19, the 2010 California initiative that would have decriminalized adult use of cannabis, created quite a stir. We saw a deep fracturing of the cannabis community between those in the medical cannabis movement that opposed the initiative and those in support with drug reform at the forefront of their minds. Remarkably for a non-presidential election, Prop. 19 almost passed obtaining 46% support in spite of the internecine conflict. If nothing else, Prop 19 has fueled a heated debate over the best path forward both at the state and national level regarding the federal prohibition of cannabis. This panel will explore the debate: do we further entrench the medical cannabis movement by adopting statewide regulatory systems for medical cannabis or do we focus our energy and resources on ending the 75 year cannabis prohibition once and for all? Or are these camps not mutually exclusive? Join this panel and tap into the most compelling cannabis debate of our time.


Organic, High Yield Agriculture (Room B) 

CHRISTOPHER R. DAUGHERTY, ND, Founder and CEO, Soilz, Organic Agriculture Expert

Biologic cultivation is pushing the envelope of advanced agriculture, emphasizing sustainability and optimized growing environments. This in-depth workshop will inform gardeners and farmers of the latest industry innovations: the strategies, products and processes that add up to profitable, ecologically sustainable agriculture and high quality organic crops. The resources introduced in this workshop are applicable to any size farm and many different crops.  
The session takes a detailed look at holistic farming and gardening gear, practices and techniques that will deliver higher quality medicine and more nutritious foods while preserving a healthy growing environment season after season. Essential subjects covered include:

  • Basics of plant physiology and how to reach maximum biological potential of the species
  • Understanding protein synthesis/proteolysis
  • Formation of complete proteins in a plant as a primary means of pest resistance
  • Basic mineral balancing and inoculation
  • Understanding paramagnetism/diamagnetis (plants are diamagnetic by nature, so the stronger the paramagnetic charge of the soil, the stronger the effective opposite charge between soil and plant which facilitates plant growth)
  • Plant secondary metabolites = plant’s natural defense mechanisms 
  • Complete carbohydrate and protein production
  • Fat and oil (essential) production
  • Enzyme, vitamin, hormone production
  • Brix and plant sap pH monitoring
  • Understanding plant shape, growth characteristics and corrective measures

How-To subjects covered include: Epigenetics, matching seeds/species with the regional environment; soil testing for macro and micro trace mineral levels; bacterial and fungal seasonal ratios; sourcing local bio-inoculants – “indigenous micro organisms”; making your own enzymes; sourcing and making superior compost; sourcing and making high quality casings.



3:45 - 4:45

The Promises and Practicalities of Industrial Hemp (Room A)

CHRIS CONRAD, Hemp Industry Expert, Journalist
ERIC LINEBACK, Vote Hemp Treasurer

Hemp is one of the most promising renewable natural resources to bolster the economy and repair the planet in both the near and long-term. This in-depth presentation from one of the pioneers of the modern cannabis hemp movement will detail the opportunities a restored hemp agriculture industry promises for food, clothing, shelter, paper, plastics, fuel and other consumer goods.

Although industrial hemp is virtually THC-free, federal drug laws still block cultivation and production of this traditional American family farm cash crop. As an Illinois senator, Barack Obama voted to allow farmers to grow hemp, but as president, his administration has continued to support the drug war, block reform and disappoint his 'base' supporters.
This panel will address a variety of options to do business under current legal constraints, and to jump start a real hemp industry and bring the U.S. into the 21st Century:

  • Applications of hemp for manufacturing of fiber and oil products
  • Business planning for marketing products using imported raw materials
  • Practical issues and strategies for investing in hemp today
  • China: Source country with big plans for the future
  • Canada: Partner — and competitor — for US companies
  • Learning from Europe's regulatory mistakes
  • CBD production: Will hemp provide the 'anti-marijuana' cannabis medicine?
  • Meanwhile back on the farm: Hemp Benefits sustainable agriculture
  • Federal outlook: Breaking the DEA dinosaur's grip on government
  • Saving third world economies: Hemp in Haiti as a model for revival
  • Organizing for a green future: Hemp Industries Association and VoteHemp


Earth-Friendly Home Growing Solutions (Room B)

KYLE KUSHMAN, Expert Cannabis Cultivator, Author 

As the broader debate and struggle continues over medical cannabis distribution and cannabis prohibition, private cannabis grows for personal use are becoming an increasingly commonplace, safe and sensible solution for many.
This panel will provide vital information on the legal requirements as well as range of practical solutions for home cultivation. With an emphasis on sustainable solutions for both hydroponic and soil-based gardening, this session will cover pre-manufactured growing closets, new lighting technologies, super soils, greenhouses and outdoor gardens.



5:00 - 6:00

Wellness not Intoxication (Room A)

STEPHEN DeANGELO, CEO Harborside Health Center 

An intimate exchange with the 'Weed Wars' reality TV star, Steve DeAngelo.

The Future of Cannabis Testing, Medical Research and Clinical Applications (Room B)

ALEC DIXON (moderator)

Medical Cannabis is largely unregulated. Many states and local governments are interested in an orderly, safe medical marijuana system but a general consensus on how to reach this goal does not exist. This panel will examine the possibilities and challenges facing a better regulated and safer Medical Cannabis system and will look to the future of the cannabis industry as it emerges from prohibition. 


6:00 - 7:30

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