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The Luminaries

Venice, California is a hotbed of music, spirituality, culture, and historically a spawning ground for such Rock Gods as Jim Morrison and The Doors. It is in this metaphysical setting that the consciousness-expanding Hip Hop band known as the Luminaries have been born. With a range of sounds spanning from classic, feel-good boom-bap, to neo-soul mashed with super-charged funk-rock, the Luminaries cover the full spectrum of light and frequency. It’s is not simply good tunes that gets the crowd hyped off this live rap act, the 3 MC's perform with a tight group of instrumentalists to accompany their positive message. The outcome is that audiences are left feeling empowered, inspired, and filled with a sense of sheer love as they walk away from this ecstatic experience.


Luminaries are no strangers to a large audience. Over the past couple years they have played around the festival circuit with such grand concert events as Harmony Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Earthdance, sharing the stage with some of the hottest acts of the moment, including K ‘Naan, The Glitch Mob, Matisyahu and Michael Franti and Spearhead, as well as time-tested vets like The Teacha, KRS-ONE, STS9 and even India Arie.

The band sees their role as more than just musicians, but messengers of hope – true hope – as they live a life of service, each having played the role of teacher, social worker, activist and other human instruments of positive change in the world. From working with homeless youth to defending the nation’s largest urban community farm, The South Central Farm, these boys have earned their stripes. Yes, the Luminaries are “here to serve”, and do so through their music and inspirational live performance that leaves an audience rejuvenated from the soul down to the cellular level.

As humanity experiences a shift in consciousness, economics, and spirituality, we are redefining the ways we treat one another, and our Mother Earth. While we overcome the wars outside of ourselves, by finding the peace in our hearts, the Luminaries offer a beacon of hope with their music that inspires us simply to love. 


Rising up out out of the fertile soil of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley, the group of Intergalatic Reggae Revolutionaries known as Indubious come to spread high vibes through their earth-shattering sound. Described as an eclectic mix of reggae, dance hall and new roots reggae, visionary lyrical messages and wordplay, 2 and 3 part harmonies, and electro funk fusion jams creating a sound destined to change the face of music. Leaving audiences stunned and downright amazed, this genre-bending reggae power trio comes pumping a positive message, and wielding impressive instrumental skill. Their infectious reggae driven sound has exploded both national and international markets, leaving in the wake the makings of a conscious revolution.

Both brothers and frontmen, Evan (Evton B) Burton, and Spencer (Skip Wicked) Burton, were born with the genetic disorder, Cystic Fibrosis. Most recently, Evton B received a double lung transplant on 7-10-11. Claiming their that their disease has always been a blessing, grounding them andmaking them aware of how precious each moment is, the Burton boys continue to inspire by overcoming their hardships and proving to the world that the power of the human spirit can conquer anything in its path. Joined by their drummer Matthew T. Wells, Indubious' rock solid foundation has proven to be unstoppable through not only their sound and message, but by their exponentially growing hordes of loyal "Indubians".

Dogon Lights

The Dogon lights is an exciting World Fusion music project featuring Yacouba Diarra of Burkina Faso, Bongo Sidibe from Guinea and members of the award winning band Hamsa Lila (Ian "Inx" Herman, Vir McCoy, Evan Fraser and John Schroeder). The Dogon Lights creates an undeniable, funky and energetic dance atmosphere that takes the listener straight to the stars, using traditional skin and wood instruments played over grooves and inspired traditional vocals. The Dogon Lights bring together a blend of instruments such as the Sintir and Guimbri from Morocco, the Kamale Ngoni, Calabash and Djembe of West Africa, and Bass, Guitar, Keys, Sax and Flute from the West.  The word "Dogon" comes from the Dogon people of Mali who believe they are descendants of the Sirians - thus the Dogon Lights. Check www.dogonlights.com for sounds and images. The Dogon Lights 

Jillian Ann

Jillian Ann is a multi-media artist who is equally comfortable behind a piano or in front of a camera, singing on festival stages or producing tracks for a DJ set in a nightclub.

This classically trained pianist crosses the musical genres of electronica to goth industrial rock, all the while experimenting and collaborating with cutting edge dj's and producers in dubstep, drum & bass, bass, IDM, glitch and even house and trance and sounds so new there is no name for them yet. She has written top ten hits with Love & Light , NitGrit, David Starfire, Sugarpill, Knight Riderz, An-Ten-Nae , Kraddy, John B, collaborated with Bruce Somers of Kidneythieves, written an album with Heavyweight Dub Champion and is presently working with a number of new up and coming producers for her unique DJ/Live set which has her singing and playing piano live over exclusive tracks. Jillian is an ardent environmentalist and is committed to human and animal rights and her lyrics often cut to the core of her beliefs. 



San Francisco based DJ Señor Oz has been rocking dancefloors from Burning Man to New York City since he started djng as a high school kid. His eclectic selections mix up dance music from genres ranging from funk, Afrobeat, disco, house, Latin, Hip-Hop and reggae, the unifying factor being the breaks that make the party move. As a tastemaker, producer and promoter he has helped garner worldwide respect for the Afrolicious party he started, and has gained critical praise for his remixes that have come out on Six Degrees Records and Akwaaba Records, as well as his mixtapes and original production..



Tranforming people, thru ethno-dubstep & world beat esp. Middle East, India, & Asia that connect the mind with the body and soul!




Chlorophil is a regular at events large and small throughout Northern California. He is founder of the music label Synchronos Recordings, and is a resident DJ for such distinguished labels as Cosmic Leaf, Six Degrees, Ajana, Interchill, and more.











AireRedTree has been developing her unique style of trip-hop/folk rock fusion as a singer/songwriter for the past 10 years. She has been compared to the likes of Portishead and Bjork. Her music is dancy and melodic and is enjoyed by both young and old alike. 












Since the dawn of time men and women have been enraptured by the sacred dance, spiraling into the heights of ecstasy and submerging into the depths of soulful bliss. By communing with the vixen within, Jocelyn channels this energy, adds some sub-bass and creates a gypsy infused sauce of luscious whomp. Like a soft caress down the back of your neck, delicate twinklings of sultry highs lull dancers into a sonic womb, only to be enticed back into throbbing convulsions by yet another one of her glitched out gypsy/latin and tropical infused bassy beats. Increasing the chance of your evening's coupling with that of sheer wild fun and yum, her sexy, gutteral, grinding, liquid-lithe mixes, driving your consciousness deep into your hips, while you move with her to an entrancing beat.






  • Hometown: San Francisco, California
  • Medium: Video Projections
  • Tools: State-of-the-Art Hardware & Software
  • Website: www.koshoart.com







Kosho has been vj'ing in the Bay Area, Black Rock City, LA, Maui and beyond for the last 8 years.  Originally a filmmaker, he was inspired by the introduction of high performance personal computers and software which permit mixing of multiple layers of video in real time.  Taking advantage of the availability of unlimited content on DVDs and online, he strives to create the perfect post-modern synergy between collecting, arranging, manipulating and representation.  He sees video as the carnivorous medium that consumes and digests everything, turning it around and becoming the dominant psychedelic reality.


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The Luminaries

Dogon Lights

Jillian Ann

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