Exhibitors: Vendors

Discover the top quality clothing, gear, food, products and services from our distinguished community of sponsors and vendors at Deep Green 2012:

Abscent Design  

Abscent, LLC is a manufacturer of bags designed to absorb odors, enabling consumers to safely store their organic goods.


Ancient Mystic Healing


Ancient Peace 

The people at Ancient Peace are dedicated to bringing the beauty, mystery, and magic of the Himalayas to the West by offering high quality yet reasonably priced sacred art and sound.

Bag it Better
Herbal and dry storage standup pak.

Balance The Herb
Balance The Herb is more than an herbal formula. It also contains powerful, all-natural, unrefined sources of food-based nutrition crafted from the essences of 81 sprouted seeds, vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs.

Bee Lasso
Bee lasso is a safe and healthy alternative to toxic, harsh, land filling lighters. Mostly used for lighting of medical herbs, high end cigars, and much more.

Bhang Chocolate 

The original cannabis chocolate. 

Boilerhouse at Craneway
Bonzai Coffee Co.



America's premier independent mobile medical cannabis analysis and assurance laboratories.


CA Cannabis Hemp & Health 2012 

With Versativa The CA Cannabis Hemp & Health 2012 initiative is simple- make Cannabis Hemp legal the way it used to be- and save our economy and our environment.


Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH)


California NORML

Dedicated to reforming California's marijuana laws. 



Cannabonist.com represents a lifestyle through clothing.


CD Seeds


Certified Packaging Services 

Certified Packaging services provides the highest and best practices in packaging methodology, materials, equipment, and expertise to “preserve and protect” products from the aging effects of oxidation. 

Chillo is a new hemp energy beverage designed to boost your system, relieving tension, while bringing about excitement, motivation, and a great experience. 


Compassionate Health Options

Our licensed physicians, under the guidance of Dr. Hanya Barth, are available to consult with patients and offer medical evaluations in a number of convenient California locations. Our goal is to assist and advise patients on nutrition, weight, lifestyle changes, smoking cessation, relationship counseling, personal health management, alternative health treatment options (massage, therapeutic bodywork, yoga, acupuncture, herb use and others) and general well-being. 


Crucial Vibes Unlimited


CW Analytical Laboratories 

 Through rigorous scientific testing procedures, CW Analytical ensures the safety and quality of medical marijuana products sold in dispensaries for improved patient safety.


Dash Hemp 

Dash Hemp Santa Cruz designs and manufactures upscale hemp clothing for men and women.

Divine Organics

Divine Organics Sumptuous Snacks provides organic, raw and gluten-free super foods from all over the Earth that will delight your taste-buds, while nourishing your body.

Doc Greens

Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream delivers the pain relieving and healing power of cannabis right where you need it most. The cannabis lotion is quickly absorbed through the skin, with nearly immediate results that last for hours without getting you "high".



Whether a patient has chronic pain, MS, arthritis, or anxiety, the Doobons team is dedicated to providing the most discrete, professional and safe resource for medical marijuana. 


Ed Rosenthal via Quick Trading Company

Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In his more than 30 years as the "guru of ganja," he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold more than one million copies. 


Got Vape 

The recommended vaporizer resource for beginners and experts alike.


Green Earth Foundation 

The Green Earth Foundation is an educational and research organization dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth. 


Green Remedy

Green Remedy Collective was formed by local medical cannabis patients and caregivers with the goal of providing a safe and comfortable environment in which members can receive cannabis medication for predictable and effective therapeutic relief.



Gro Gro Gadgets (tm) is dedicated to creating innovative and problem solving garden accessories. 


Happy High Herbs 

Happy High Herbs offers age-old herbal remedies, powerful health-boosting superfoods, and safe legal alternatives to recreational drugs. 

Harborside Health Center 

Harborside Health Center is a dispensary where medical marijuana patients can buy legal cannabis in Oakland and San Jose.  


Hemp For Jobs 

Removing the Cannabis Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L) from the Federal Governments Controlled Substance Act (CSA) to provide jobs for Americans is our #1 Priority! 



Offering high quality hemp/organic cotton blend T-shirts.


Herer Initiative with Versativa


Indigo Designs

Buttons, Jewelry, and T-shirts


Kush Magazine 

Kush Magazine is the premier medical marijuana publication that covers every aspect of cannabis lifestyle and news, from cultivation to medical cannabis patients' rights, legal and political issues, strain reviews, and more.


Law Offices of Edie Lerman

Operating out of Ukiah and San Francisco, California, E.D. Lerman is committed to providing unsurpassed legal services to individuals, collectives, and businesses.


LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies. 


MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychadelic Studies

MAPS functions as a non-profit pharmaceutical company working to make psychedelics and medical marijuana available to patients, physicians, and therapists on a legal, prescription, generic basis for public health benefits and health care cost savings.


Medicinal Alchemy

Cannabis concentrates tutorial, revealing alchemy science secrets on video.

Medical Canna Times
This magazine is published in online and hard copy format and its focus is medical Marijuana. It is for physicians, apothecaries, medical supply companies and the legal profession but, more importantly it is about the medical marijuana user and the resources available to them.


MJ Freeway Software Solutions 

The medical marijuana industry's premium business platform.
NEX - Naturez Elixer

Offering products that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical within the cannabis plant that has been healing humanity's ailments for thousands of years. 

Oaksterdam Glassworks

Oaksterdam Glassworks is a separate entity and not associated with Oaksterdam University or any other Oaksterdam businesses. We provide information on this business as a courtesy to our students for those who may be interested in learning about this field.  



 A revolutionary personal vaporizer that allows you to vaporizer anywhere and anytime eliminating the inconvenience of current devices. At a reduced cost, this vaporizer offers a healthier alternative to more traditional intake since there is no flame, no burning and therefore no carcinogens. This discrete device is convenient and easily stored.


Sanctuary Soil

A California bulk soil provider offering soil products to help farmers grow higher quality, more nutritious, higher yielding, earth friendly crops.


Satori Movement

Rooted in skateboarding culture, the Satori Movement is a collective of creative, progressive thinking, organically driven individuals that continually strive to find new ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve our quality of life, one sustainable garment at a time.  


SC Analytical Laboratories 

SC Laboratories is an analytical laboratory seeking to co-create a new paradigm in cannabis testing. 


Scientific Inhalations (SIPIPES)

Scientific Inhalations has developed a breakthrough in filtration technology with McFinn's “Original Triple-Filtered Water Pipe” using a “Virgin Coconut Carbon” and “Organic Cotton” Filtering System.


Singing Bird Farms 

Southern Oregon honey products.


SoCal Seed Co. 

SoCal Seed Co. is a group of established reputable California MMJ breeders who have collected and breed medical grade cannabis for their own medical needs, not for profit.




Spice Pharm

Spice Pharm taps the beauty and wisdom of nature to create Spice Elixir mixes. Compounds that impart ambrosial tastes and aromas to spices also bestow strong bioactive power for anti-aging and optimal health. Elixirs are a treat for your taste buds and a boost for your body with just-add-water convenience!



Spiro Giro
Taste Spiro's Gyros pitas, gyros and Greek salads.



Steep Hill Labs 

Steep Hill Lab is an independently owned and operated medical cannabis screening facility located in Oakland, California that has tested over 17,000 samples to date. 
SSDP - Students for Sustainable Drug Policy
Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society.

Sweetleaf Collective

A donation-based charity project for low-income AIDS and cancer patients. Donors always needed.


The Vapor Room The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary committed to serving member-patient needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. 

Vapor Brothers via Vapor Warehouse
The Vapor Brothers® Vaporizer allows a person to inhale essential ingredients from herbal material without the use of fire. The Vaporbrothers® Vaporizer uses hot air to warm the plant matter until active ingredients are absorbed by the air. Instead of using fire to burn the ingredients out of the plant matter, our product releases the ingredients quickly and efficiently without the ingredient losses, tar, and odor associated with smoking. 


Ultra Crepes 

Ultra Crepes is the first family-operated, mobile creperie in Sonoma County. 
UpTight Glass
Hand-Blown Glass Pipes from Nepal


Vitality Glassware with Mama's Medicinals

Miron Violette-glas is a small manufacturer in Switzerland that through generations of research developed very special containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within. 



WeedMaps.com is a community where medical marijuana patients connect with other patients in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors and delivery services!  Dispensaries list their services for free and patients can register for free.


West Coast Leaf / Cannabis Consumers Campaign

The West Coast Leaf is a quarterly news publication covering California and the West Coast’s growing cannabis community. Current print run and distribution: 167,000 copies per issue.


West Coast Masters 

West Coast Masters are medical marijuana growers and patients from California, Oregon and Washington, USA that have developed the ultimate techniques for growing medical marijuana.





Joanna La Force

Patrick Goggin

Troy Dayton

Mikki Norris

Larry Bedard

Ed Rosenthal

The Luminaries

Dogon Lights

Jillian Ann

Señor OZ