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Deep Green is honored to host this years Visionary Art Gallery featuring an exclusive selection of limited edition prints by two masters of the emerging Visionary Art genré, Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa.











Robert Venosa 



If the most exciting art-making one can hope to encounter is an exploration of the furthest realities of the imagination, then Robert Venosa must surely rank among the luminaries of our era. His unique approach to Visionary art is nothing less than a fascinating scrutinization of the mysterious realms of being. Venosa's imagery enfolds us with its magical power - truly a mythology for our times."


In his confrontations with the transpersonal, other-worldly offerings of the entheogens, Venosa discovered the magic and magicians of the Fantastic/Visionary world of art. Having Übermeisters Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs as mentors, while discussing art and decadence with Salvador Dali in his early career, Venosa was suffused with the energy and dynamics that transported him into the realm of the Fantastic, while providing him with the palette and paints with which to make it manifest.


Robert Venosa traveled the globe with his deeply loved partner and artistic accomplice of 30 years, Martina Hoffmann. Together they lectured about ‘Fantastic’ art and held painting workshops and seminars for over two decades. Venosa generously shared the techniques and experiences that entice and enchant one and all as to the magic and mysteries of the transcendent realms he inhabited...and painted. 


Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa are now internationally recognized as outstanding masters of ‘Fantastic’ art, with their work being exhibited worldwide.


“The challenge, then as now, of affecting the consciousness with more eternal value cannot be denied, and so, combining the historical deep roots of European culture with the dynamic of America's youthful energy, an attempt is constantly made".


As Dr. Albert Hofmann has said, "My wish for the coming age is that humanity becomes once again conscious of our spiritual union with the divine works of art - inspired creations by masters such as Robert Venosa."


Robert Venosa peacefully transcended on August 9, 2011.


As a human being he will be remembered for his courage and grace in life as well as during his long healing journey with cancer.


Venosa is sorely missed by all who knew him.




Evolving Culture, Reality, as we perceive it, is largely shaped by the artifacts, both material and symbolic, of thought, thought that leads to creative manifestation in form and color. With that in mind, it might be suggested that the visual artist, - from commercial designer to fine art painter - has much to do with most things that enter your everyday visuals, and thus form a major portion of one's reality and, certainly, how this culture manifests and evolves.

- Robert Venosa




The Visionary art of Robert Venosa has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in major collections, including those of noted museums, rock stars and European aristocracy. In addition to painting, sculpting and film design - pre sketches and conceptual design for the movie Dune, and Fire in the Sky for Paramount Pictures, and Race for Atlantis for IMAX - Venosa enjoyed computer art as part of his creative menu.

His work has been the subject of three books, as well as being featured in numerous publications - and on a number of CD covers, including those of Santana, Kitaro, Ornette Coleman, et al.

New York City born, Venosa was transported into the world of fine art in the late 60's after having seen the work of the Fantastic Realists - Ernst Fuchs and Mati Klarwein in particular - both of whom he eventually met and studied under. Of his apprenticeship with Klarwein, Venosa says, "What a time (Autumn, 1970) that turned out to be! Not only did I get started in proper technique, but at various times I had Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Jackie Kennedy and the good doctor, Tim Leary himself, peering over my shoulder to see what I was up to".

Venosa moved to Europe in the early 70's settling in the celebrated Mediterranean village of Cadaques in Spain, where he enjoyed the honorable and mighty pleasure of getting to know and hang with neighbor Salvador Dali, as well as the numerous notables in the world of art and literature who gravitated to that magic locale.

Much of Venosa's work and attendant exploits have been published in his books, Manas Manna (Big O), Noospheres (Pomegranate Artbooks), and. most recently, Illuminatus (Fine Arts Press), which features the poetic text of Terence McKenna.


Over the course of more than two decades Robert Venosa also gave workshops together with his wife, the artist Martina Hoffmann, at such institutes and locations as Omega in NY; Esalen at Big Sur, California.

Naropa in Boulder Skyros Institute, Skyros Island in Greece; Cadaques, Spain; Kona, Hawaii; Amazonia, Bahia and Wasiwaska in Brazil; Iquitos, Peru, et al.


“Venosa was a beautiful, sensitive and deeply spiuritual man, not to mention his unparalleled talent and genius in portraying the light that emanates through the veil and graces our planetary existence in every moment.”

Martina Hoffmann


“Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness painted with such a fine technique.”                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Salvador Dali


“Robert Venosa creates mythical mindscapes that fascinate and illuminate. His tableaux are windows into timeless vistas of the inner realities.”                                                                               

Timothy Leary                                


“Robert Venosa’s art truly captures the imprint of a spiritual force; each painting so alive, seeming to breathe, pulsate and stare back at you, challenging the viewer to also reach their highest potential.”                                      

Carlos Santana


Robert Venosa’s art can be seen at: www.venosa.com



To create is synonymous to breathing for most artists. If I don't create, I slowly loose my center and energy. Generally speaking, it seems less important what kind of a creative process I'm involved in, just as long as I am creating. And what matters to me most here, is how the creative process makes me feel. It fills me with excitement, lets me get in touch with my innermost being and gives me a sense of deep satisfaction and joy. Creating has always been the essential and most important part of my life, and I perceive the creative process as a way of nourishing my soul. It also alows one to get in touch with our innermost fears and shadows. In essence, making honest art means facing oneself at the deepest levels of our existance. 


The visionary artist makes visible the more subtle and intuitive states of our existence and creates maps and symbols reflecting consciousness and the mystical experience.

My work is an attempt to portray spirit as the one universal force beyond the confines of cultural and religious differences. By embracing our oneness as a global human family, the interdependency of all life as well as our universal interconnectedness, we have a chance to heal and transform the planet’s general state of woundedness.

In using art as a tool for transformation, we have the opportunity to create a reality as beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination permits.

- Martina Hoffman



Martina Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress and is considered one of the foremost contemporary female visionary artists. Her paintings offers the viewer a detailed glimpse into her inner landscapes - imagery that has been inspired by expanded states of consciousness: the realms of the imagination, meditation, shamanic journeys and the dream state, with the Sacred feminine as a central theme.

Her work has been exhibiting and collected worldwide.


Hoffmann has also spoken on behalf of visionary art and culture at events such as the International Symposium on Altered States of Consciousness, University of Cuernavaca, Mexico, Chimeria, France, AllChemical Conference in Kona, Hawaii, MindStates Conference in Berkeley, The Prophets Conference in Santa Fe, Women’s Vionsary Congress at IONS, CA, Alcheneyez, Hawaii, Burning Man and the Boom Festival in Portugal.


For the past 20 years she has taught painting workshops worldwide together with her late husband, the Fantastic Realist Robert Venosa, at such institutes as Esalen, CA, Omega, NY and Skyros, Greece as well as in  Cadaques, Spain, Amazonia, Bahia and Wasiwaska in Brazil; Iquitos, Peru, et al.


Her work has been exhibited, collected and published internationally as well as having been published in books such as ‘Albert Hofmann und Sein’ (AT Verlag 2011), ‘The Visionary World of Hansruedi Giger’ by Stanislav Grof, 2009 , ‘Be The Change’ by Ed and Deb Shapiro (Sterlibg Publishing 2009), ‘Inner Paths To Outer Space’ (Park Street Press 2008), ‘Metamorphosis’ (BeinArt Publishing 2007), ‘True Visions’ (Betty Books 2006), ‘Drinking Lightning’ (Fine Arts Press 2001), ‘Illuminatus’, (Fine Arts Press 1999), ‘One Source, Sacred Journeys’ (Markowitz Publishers 1997), ‘The Return Of The Great Goddess’ (Shambhala Publishing 2001), ‘Noospheres’ (Pomegranate 1991), and in magazines and publications such as such as ‘Juxtapoz’, ‘Inscape’, Magical Blend, Shaman’s Drum and Nexus, etc.


www.martinahoffmann.com <http://www.martinahoffmann.com


"Your images show an artistry in painting that suffices to produce amazement and admiration for which words fail me."

                                              Dr. Albert Hofmann, Switzerland


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